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Our Business Continuity Plan is continually being monitored in response to ongoing announcements from the UK Government on Coronavirus (Covid-19). This plan continues to ensure that Practice Solutions can assist when needed. We now know how much of an impact this situation is having on the communities we serve.  We recognise the growing need to support those who are vulnerable, whilst at the same time ensuring the wellbeing of the workforce who are operating in very challenging situations.   

Read our one page summary of what we are doing now and how we can help here.

Adopting new working practices 

The additional measures we have introduced remain and we continue to operate effectively and safely using the following:  

  • All meetings are taking place through video or telephone conferencing 
  • All staff are working remotely and flexibly 
  • We are successfully utilising technology, such as video conferencing, to deliver our core work with stakeholders 

Here to help

We are here to help and can offer additional support where needed, in a number of ways:

Practical Support

We can support you to address the immediate challenges by:

  • providing crisis management capacity
  • implementing fast paced innovation
  • increasing operational capacity
  • assuring decision making
  • drafting policy guidance
  • supporting engagement with citizens and wider communities.

Supporting Recovery

We can facilitate virtual outcomes-focused conversations with key stakeholders to support thinking about the delivery of future services, post Covid-19. This can include:

  • capturing quantitative and qualitative data
  • solution focused planning
  • developing recovery strategies
  • facilitating radical thinking events around transforming organisations and communities, after Covid-19


Critical Friend

We understand that leaders, both front line and at the most senior level need the capacity to pause and reflect. Our leadership and workforce associates can:

  • provide 1 hour virtual coaching sessions provide virtual support to individuals to lead effectively and manage pressure and stress
  • provide virtual support to individuals to lead effectively and manage pressure and stress


Workforce Wellbeing

We appreciate how Covid-19 has started to change the workplace, now and in the future. We can support you on that journey by:

  • creating Healthy leadership during a crisis
  • capturing and sustaining positive behaviour changes to transform the culture of your organisation
  • facilitating virtual wellbeing networks (through our Developing Healthy Organisation programme))
  • leadership coaching for wellbeing; personal resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing
  • providing virtual Manager training such as 'Leading Remote Teams Successfully'

Digital Connections
Our Digital and Comms team are available to enhance and support consistent messaging across sectors. We can  help you to deliver timely and targeted messages through:

  • App based solutions
  • Digital information videos
  • Animation videos
  • Social media graphics and infographics 
  • Brand management 

Project Delivery 

Currently Practice Solutions are delivering on several projects that support the strategic development objectives within the health and social care arena in Wales and across our wider communities. Our key priorities for these projects in light of Covid-19 are as follows:

Tech Innovation 

We are currently working with a tech partner to develop a solution that will domiciliary care providers to contact vulnerable members of the community and identify their specific needs. This will assist the provider in delivering a targeted, efficient response to those most in need within our communities. We will utilise technology and digital media to support organisations delivering domiciliary care to maintain the safety of individuals in their home. 

Foundational Economy: Engage for Success RCT 

Our work to engage with local businesses in Rhonda Cynon Taf about their role within the foundational economy continues.  In the past few weeks our priority has been to share vital information, via our social media channels, about the support available to small businesses in Wales. We are also collating resources and case studies around best practice and innovation during this time. Our project in North Wales is due to begin in the very near future.   

YouTime: Wellbeing resources for key workers 

We have curated a suite of short, video and audio resources with wellbeing experts to support front line staff and key workers such as Health, Social Care, Public Sector and Retail. These will help people to maintain their own physical and mental health & wellbeing over the coming weeks. 

Practice Solutions Team Insights 

To respond to the need for information from our colleagues, associates and innovation partners, we have produced a series of digital videos by Practice Solutions staff. These explore how we are adapting our work processes and simple recommendations on how people can work well remotely. You can see the videos here.

Information sharing

Collating and sharing key information and best practice where needed, including through our existing networks and our social media presence as well as via blogs on our website.


Digital Tools

We are offering editing and digitising existing learning materials such as DVD's for external partners, to inform and support remote working.


Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru 

We have been running the business unit for ADSS Cymru since 2014 and the team are currently focussed on co-coordinating, collating and disseminating vital information to the public sector from key organisations, such as Social Care Wales, and ScIE. This is to ensure consistent messages are delivered by a trusted organisation that  is there to support the sector in its work.  

Welsh Government National Mental Health Forum 

Our team have been working to ensure forum activity continues with its members using a range of communication channels. The forum continues to consult with Welsh Government around policy areas as one of their key stakeholders.  

If any of the information you have read resonates with you, please get in touch.  In the meantime, will continue to keep you updated with any important developments. 

Sarah Day 
Chief Executive 
Practice Solutions 
01443 742384