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From 1 November 2021   fa-calendar green left 7 0 35
NHS Covid Pass

Cinemas, Concert halls, Theatres, Nightclubs and Large events.

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Contact Tracing Guidance and services if you have tested positive or if you are identified as a close contact fa-users blue right  7  0  35
From 11 October 2021   fa-calendar green left 7 0 35
Nightclubs & events Use an NHS COVID Pass when asked at events or nightclubs fa-music orange right 7 0 35
7 August 2021  Alert Level 0 fa-calendar green left 7 0 35
Meet indoors  No limit on numbers who can meet indoors fa-users blue right 7 0 35
Fully vaccinated Fully vaccinated and under 18's do not have to isolate if they're a close contact of someone who has tested positive fa-home blue right 7 0 35
Businesses More flexibility for businesses fa-thumbs-up blue right 7 0 35
Hospitality Masks not legally required in hospitality (but encouraged) fa-glass blue right 7 0 35
Nightclubs Nightclubs can open fa-music blue right 7 0 35


Coronavirus Advice and Guidance
##ALTURL## Re-opening our Services

Re-opening our Services

Our re-opening services section will help you keep up to date on all the information you will need to know about the unlocking of key services
##ALTURL## Covid-19 Vaccinations in Pembrokeshire

Covid-19 Vaccinations in Pembrokeshire

Up-to-date information regarding the progress of the COVID-19 mass vaccination programme across Pembrokeshire.
##ALTURL## Community Hub

Community Hub

A one-stop shop for those seeking help with tasks such as shopping (as a result of self-isolation); those able to provide help, and those involved in community volunteer networks
##ALTURL## Service updates

Service updates

Keep up to date on all the information you need to know about changes to our services
##ALTURL## Business Advice and Support

Business Advice and Support

Access the latest business advice and support, provided in response to the coronavirus outbreak
##ALTURL## Well-Being


Find out more about exercising from home, maintain positive mental health, plus activity and play suggestions for children
##ALTURL## Housing


Information about Housing during the Coronavirus outbreak
##ALTURL## Self-Isolation Payments

Self-Isolation Payments

If you have been contacted by NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect Service (TTP) on or after the 23rd October 2020 and have been told to self-isolate, you may be entitled to Financial Support.
##ALTURL## Test, Trace, Protect

Test, Trace, Protect

Test, Trace, Protect is the Welsh Government's strategy for testing the general public and tracing the spread of coronavirus in Wales.
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