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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Help keep Wales safe:

All of Wales is at alert level 0. Read the current guidance.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Information about the COVID-19 vaccination in Wales.

How are you doing logo
How are you doing?

This is a worrying time for us all, but have you stopped to ask yourself how you are doing?

Illustration of mobile phone screen showing graph
Coronavirus data dashboard (mobile view)

Information about the Coronavirus outbreak in Wales.

Illustration of computer screen showing graph
Coronavirus data dashboard (desktop view)

Information about the Coronavirus outbreak in Wales.

Covid-19 help for refugees and asylum seekers

Information in English, Kurdish Sorani, Arabic, Farsi, Albanian and Bengali.

Information for the Public

Guidance and information for the public in Wales.

Information for Health and Social Care

Guidance for health and social care professionals in Wales.

Information for Employers and Employees

Healthy Working Wales (HWW) has a range of links to COVID-19 resources for employers and individuals/employees.

Information for Education and Childcare Settings

Guidance and information for Education and Childcare Settings 

Behaviourally informed communications

Guidance and information for behaviourally informed communications.

Symptoms and self-isolation for contact tracing
Follow this guidance if you have been contacted by the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect Service.

Apply for a coronavirus test
Get tested to find out if you have coronavirus.

Using the coronavirus home testing kit
How to use the coronavirus home testing kit if you think you have coronavirus.

Test, trace, protect: your questions
Who and how people will be tested for coronavirus.

Test, trace, protect: process summary
What you need to do to help contact tracing control the spread of coronavirus.

Test, trace, protect: guidance for employers
Employers' responsibilities to help with coronavirus testing and contact tracing.

Contact tracing: your questions
Explains how contact tracing is being used to control the spread of coronavirus.

Testing process for care homes: COVID-19
How care home residents and staff are tested for coronavirus.

Care home testing guidance
Covid-19 PCR testing in care homes. Managing residents and staff who test positive for Covid-19 and reporting arrangements.

Regional coronavirus testing facilities
Wales’ testing capacity is supported by an extensive network of facilities across the country.
Critical workers testing policy: coronavirus (COVID-19)
Further information about volunteering safely in Wales.
If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills, there are lots of things that you can do.


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