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Coronavirus Update

Keeping you updated on the impact of Coronavirus on Middlesex football

UPDATED on 13th july 2021

Any updates made on the above date will be listed in red.

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Keeping you updated on the impact of Coronavirus on Middlesex football

On 4th January 2021, Boris Johnson announced an escalation of COVID-19 restrictions, having placed all of London in Tier 4 on 19th December this has been followed up by a full lockdown being introduced on 4th January. Whilst Tier 4 initially allowed for U18 & Disability Football to continue as normal, this had been changed under the new guidance with only Disability Football allowed. These measures had been introduced to reduce the risk of the virus spreading and protect the NHS.

On February 22nd 2021, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out his 'roadmap' out of lockdown. This identified 29th March 2021 as the earliest possible return for grassroots football. Following this The FA have been awaiting the latest update from DCMS which they have now received, we are now pleased to be able to share the latest update on guidance from The FA as grassroots football returns.

This guidance is not a suggestion and must be adhered to, meaning the Government has given police and local authorities the power to enforce these new changes. This announcement means that COVID-19 will continue to have a major impact on not only day to day life but also football in Middlesex. For full details of the latest Government advice please click the below button.

latest Government guidance

Updates & Guidance from The FA

As of The FA's announcement at 3.00pm on 26th March, The FA released a statement notifying the country that all football from Step 3 of the NLS, and Tier 3 of the Women's Football Pyramid and below will be concluded with immediate effect. Since then we have been able to make a return to football with many leagues and clubs enjoying the first 2 months of the season during September and October.

Following the roadmap out of lockdown announced on 22nd February, grassroots football was looking at a return no earlier than 29th March 2021. As we approached that date The FA were able to produce their guidance and share with clubs as they prepared to return to action. This has been followed by an update on 8th April and then on 11th May we are pleased to announce the next guidance documents were released.

The full statement and guidance can be found below.

Full fa sTATEMENT - 11TH May

You can find all FA Statements from 16th March 2020 below. PLEASE NOTE - The FA statements holding OLD editions of the guidance have been removed from both this list and The FA's website.

Contacting Middlesex FA?

Following the Governments announcement on the evening of Monday 16th March, the Middlesex FA offices will be closed to staff and visitors until further notice.

Between 4pm on 2nd April 2020 and 31st October, a number of Middlesex FA staff have been on furlough, with this being reduced as football resumed. Following the Government's announcement on 31st October, a number of Middlesex FA staff members have returned to furlough leave. To find out how this affects your communication with them please visit the Board and Staff page of our website.

Please continue to use our email address to contact us. All staff details can be found on our Board and Staff page we would encourage you to use the emails listed for initial contact, if your query is urgent then you will find contact numbers for each staff member. We would encourage you to call mobile numbers if listed.

What about Safeguarding?

As of 9th April Middlesex FA have released an update on how you can report any safeguarding concerns during the Coronavirus pandemic.


As the break in football continues, The FA have released further guidance around interacting with youth players online.


As we move forward The FA produced a handy guide to help Club Welfare Officers and our CFA Verifiers perform DBS verification checks in line with the Government's guidance.

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What about County Cup Competitions?

Middlesex FA County Cups

As of the 5th August 2020 statement the Middlesex County Cup Sub-Committees made the difficult decision to end the 2019/20 Cup Finals. We had recently confirmed the start dates for the 2020/21 County Cup programme which was due to incorporate the new U12,U14 & U16 Girls Cups. Many of these cups were due to start from Saturday 7th November, with some having started in the weeks prior. With the temporary suspension of football through November, these are currently postponed.

Following the break from football in November we have rearranged the dates for our County Cups, all new dates can be found here.

Following the latest lockdown and the curtailment of a number of leagues within the County, we have taken time to review our County Cup programmes for the 2020/2021 season. As such the Adult & Youth Cup Committees have decided to cancel the Youth Competitions allowing Youth Teams to continue their seasons to the end of June. Whilst our Adult Cups will continue to run as a number of leagues are no longer running so we wish to provide our adult clubs with the opportunity to play competitive football between now and June.

What about Middlesex FA Development Programmes, Affiliated Clubs and Leagues?

As Grassroots Football returns, development programmes, including Wildcats, Just Play and our Flexi Leagues can resume. These must follow current Government and FA guidance.

As you and your club and facility plan your return The FA have produced some handy downloadable signage that you can use to help signpost visitors at your sessions.

Be Ready For The Return

What about Middlesex FA Courses?

Middlesex FA's courses have now come to an end following The FA's announcement regarding coach education.

What about Rectory Park?

Rectory Park began a gradual reopening on Tuesday 7th July 2020. We have been operating limited opening hours since, and following the Government announcement on 19th December the facility resumed providing bookings to youth and disability football. Rectory Park will resume it's gradual reopening from 29th March, having reopened on 8th March to fulfil our education users needs.

If you have any queries around your scheduled usage of the site, please email

What if the Situation Changes? 

We are actively monitoring Government advice in case the situation changes and additional measures become necessary. As a matter of good practice we would recommend that Leagues and Clubs adopt the same approach.

Getting the Latest Government Advice

Read the latest information about the situation in the UK, along with guidance for what to do if you think you’re at risk.

Go to NHSUK/coronavirus for information about the virus and how to protect yourself. Use the 111 online coronavirus service to check if you need medical help.


More questions?

Visit our Football & Coronavirus FAQs page for more.

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